How To Find Deals, Offers, Price cuts, Cashbacks On Amazon And Flipkart Sales

A guide to find amazon great indian and flipkart big billion day sales

We often miss the deals on Amazon and Flipkart sales. So here is a guide on How To Find Deals, Offers, Price cuts, Cashbacks On Amazon And Flipkart Sales

We will talk about how you can find deals and some tips and tricks for the best shopping experience on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, snapdeal, and others launch many offers and sales in festive seasons. Here is the complete step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to save money while shopping.

Prepare Yourself for the sales:

First of all, prepare yourself for sale, like make a note of everything you want to buy and add them to your wishlist.

As I observed, when the sale begins from amazon or Flipkart for the first 1 hour, there might be huge discounts on shoes, shirts, etc.

So add shoes, shirts to your wishlist or keep an eye on every brand of shoes and shirts when the sale is live.

And also, see the price of the product and research if it is worth purchasing. There are many cheap products, but the MRP shows a huge price, so it's not worth buying even after a discount.


To know how you can compare price and set alerts when price drops, see below.

Price Comparision, Tracker, Alert Extensions:

The most effective way to know if the product you are buying is worth the money and the discount is by looking at the price chart of the product for the past three months or a year.

Some extensions on chrome desktop and android apps can show the price chart of a product for the past year and set an alert if the price drops on a specific product.

Best price trackers and comparison extensions for Chrome and android

These are some popular extensions on Chrome:

  1. Buyhatke
  2. Keepa
  3. Price Tracker - Auto Buy, Price History

These are some apps for android

  1. Buyhatke
  2. Pricetrackers
  3. Keepa

Deals of the day and Lightning deals on amazon and Flipkart:

Flipkart and Amazon offer deals of the day and lightning deals daily. To access deals of the day offer, you can see the option in the amazon app as "TODAY'S DEALS" and "OFFER ZONE" in Flipkart.

This way, you can find the deals on your own. However Paytm, Snapdeal options are a little different, but it's the same mostly.

Join Telegram and Whatsapp groups for best deals on Amazon and Flipkart

You can also join Telegram and Whatsapp groups which send special loot deals and discount codes. There are many deals and offer related groups. You can find them on google.

But on telegram, these are some popular groups you can join to get alerts.

  1. Technical Future
  2. Desidime
  3. Bigtricks
  4. Loot4you.in

You can search on telegram to join these groups or click on the group names to join.

Best website to keep you updated about the flash sales and offers:

Many websites let you know the best deals, offers, cashback, discounts, and flash sales. Here are some of the best websites to keep you updated every day.

  1. Desidime
  2. Bigtricks
  3. Coolztricks
  4. Loot4you

Amazon and Flipkart coupons:

Both Amazon and Flipkart coupons are available daily which will drastically reduce the price of the product.

You can find the coupons in Flipkart by selecting "MY COUPONS" or "REWARDS" in the three-dot menu or the top menu of desktop mode.

Especially in Flipkart's big billion days and amazon's great Indian festival, there are a lot of coupons with high cashback and discounts. So take a look at these coupons once in a while.

Collect all the coupons, and when you buy the product, if the coupon is eligible on the product, it will automatically reduce the price, or it will show coupon is available on the product.

Purchase the products through Cashkaro or Zingoy website:

  1. Cashkaro and Zingoy gives affiliate commission if you buy any product through them,
  2. The commission depends on the product type, but you can assume. It would be around 3 to 5% on the total price.
  3. So if you buy a 40000rs product and the commission is around 3%, you can get 1200rs from this website.
  4. The commission confirms within 60 days after the delivery.
  5. You have to wait a long time, but still, you need one click on amazon or the Flipkart option in CashKaro or Zingoy to get an extra commission. So it's an easy process.
  6. And also discounts and cashback too if you pay online or a credit card on Amazon or Flipkart.

Offers on a particular product:

Amazon and Flipkart offer complementary services and discounts on specific products, especially at the big billion and great Indian festival season.

If you see the product page on Amazon or Flipkart, you can see the offers below the image.

All the discounts, cashback, complementary offers, coupons are mentioned here.

Tips and Tricks to loot Products at discounts, price cut, cashback:

  1. First of all, get an amazon prime or Flipkart plus account ready for the sale.
  2. For the first 1 or 2 hours of the sale, shoes, shirts, and headphones get a massive price cut and discounts.
  3. So add some products like shoes, shirts, etc., to your wishlist to cart before the sale begins.
  4. Look for credit card discounts.
  5. Before purchasing, go through CashKaro or Zingoy to get extra cashback.
  6. Add your debit or credit card to make faster payments or add money to amazon pay wallet or Flipkart wallet.
  7. So you can order the products before it goes out of stock.
This is how you can find deals and offers on amazon great indian and flipkart big billion day sales.