Portronics Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Key2-A Combo Review

Portronics Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Key2-A Combo Review

Portronics key2-A combo keyboard and mouse designed for compact and lightweight purposes. The keyboard doesn't consist numeric keypad to make it small and compact.

After using it for two months, I have concluded this keyboard whether you need to purchase it or not.

We will see the product features and specifications and later discuss the product.

Portronics Key2-A Combo Features

Stable Wireless Transmission:

2.4Ghz wireless technology provides a reliable connection and is not subject to interference in the 360 degrees within 30 meters.

The Ultra Smooth Chocolate Keycaps:

Chocolate keycap increases the area of contact, feel more comfortable & more accurate with soundless experience.

Quick Multimedia Buttons

Press Fn key to archive a quick play/pause, volume control, and other fast operation functions

Five Times More Power Saving Than Ordinary Devices The industry's top chip gives you five times more power saving than ordinary devices. The standby time is up to 36 m

Silent Button Design

The silent micro switch design produces sounds that can reduce about 95% than the other mouse; the service life can reach 3000000 times.

Portronics Key2-A Combo Specifications:

Keyboard Specifications:

Data Transmission1Mbps
Frequency2405MHz - 2476MHz
Working Current1.5mA
Standby Current6uA
Keyboard Key LifeAbove 10 Millions
Keyboard Size289 X 140 X 26.5mm

Mouse Specifications:

Data Transmission1Mbps
Frequency2405MHz - 2476MHz
Rate of Return250Hz
EngineNo Light
Working Current11mA
Standby Current1.3mA
Mouse Key LifeAbove 3 Millions
Mouse Size113 X 64 X 32mm


Portronics comes with two combinations. Red and black, blue and white. The colors are good, and the modern look and feel make it unique from other products.

Easy and compact:

After continuously using it for two months, I can say this is easier to use than a traditional keyboard because of its compact nature.

The traditional keyboards take a lot of space, but Portronics key2-A takes very little space. You can see the image below to see the comparision.

To make it easy, I have compared two mouses. As you can see, Portronic's height and width are better than Iball Mouse.

This makes it easy to use the Portronics mouse for a longer time than the iball mouse. And the Portronics mouse is super comfortable as it fits the hand perfectly.

Keyboard and Mouse Usage:

Portronics claims up to 1 crore key presses and 30 lakhs mouse clicks.

The keys on the keyboard are very smooth. The sound when you click on a key is significantly less. The company says it's chocolate keycaps.

The mouse clicks are silent. The 1500 DPI makes the mouse super fast to control.

Portronics key2 combo battery life:

The Portronics keyboard and mouse don't have an ON or OFF switch to turn off when not in use. The company says it has an inbuilt chip for intelligent battery-saving when not in use.

The keyboard has a special light to indicate when there is a low battery.

Portronics key2 combo keyboard not working:

If you are not able to use the keyboard, you need to do the following to reset the keyboard once for all:

  1. Put the AA battery on the keyboard. DO NOT CONNECT THE USB DONGLE TO THE LAPTOP YET.
  2. Now simultaneously press and hold two keys for 5-6 seconds: ESC Key & +/= KEY.
  3. Put the wireless USB Dongle in the laptop/PC
  4. Now the keyboard will work. If it still doesn't, please repeat this step 1-3 once again.

Note: If the problem persists, you can visit the Portronics website support page and raise a ticket.


  1. Not fair if you are a heavy numeric keyboard user..
  2. There is no ON or OFF switch on both keyboard and mouse.


In conclusion, if you want a compact and easy wireless keyboard and mouse Portronics Key2-A combo is the best choice. And especially mouse which is super comfortable. So you can buy this product for around 1000rs on amazon or Flipkart.