A Detailed Review on Boat Rockers 550

A Detailed Review on Boat Rockers 550

A detailed review on boat-rockers 550 headphones. We will see the product details, benefits, problems, Specifications, Design, etc., everything about the headphones.

Boat rockers 550 Specification:

  1. Quick connectivity BT 5.0
  2. 500mAh battery capacity
  3. Physical noise cancellation
  4. 20 hours of playback
  5. Aux compatibility

Design and Build Quality:

Just look at the rockers 550; it has the best design compared to other headphones at the same price. In design, nothing can beat rockers 550.

Coming to build quality, Rockers 550 is made of plastic. The only metal in the headphones is the strip, as shown below the image. Even though it's made of plastic, it's pretty good.

The headphones are delicate to handle because its made of plastic, and its not hard plastic like Rockers 510. So it may break if are careless.

Boat Rockers 550 Battery life:

Rockers 550 has a huge battery life of 500mAh. You can get around 20 hours of playback time with the headphones.

It takes almost 2 hours to charge the headphones. There is no problem with the battery life as it gives longer life.

Boat Rockers 550 Connectivity:

Just turn on the headphones by long-pressing the power button until the blue light turns on.

Now search the Bluetooth device and click on connect. The rockers 550 is equipped with the 5.0 version, which is the latest version. There are no issues I have faced during the connection.

Sound Quality:

 After listening to the sound quality, the bass is not up to the mark, even though it's a 50 mm driver. However, the sound is high compared to other headphones like sony, zebronics, etc.

The music clarity fades away when the volume is high. If the volume is around 70 to 80%, the music clarity is good. The mids and lows are good but not that deep.

If you are a bass lover, then rockers 550 is not for you. The music quality or sound is not deep when you hear it with rockers 550.

Call quality with Boat rockers 550:

There is no disturbance on call. It's pretty clear on both sides of the call. You may hear echoes sometimes, but it happens to most wireless headphones/earphones.

Is Boat rockers 550 comfortable to wear?

The cup size is large compared to rockers 510. And the foam around the cup is soft, which makes it more comfortable than rockers 510. However, sometimes the edge of your ear may hurt a little if you wear it for a long time.

But comparing with other headphones in this price category, rockers 550 is more comfortable to wear.

Is boat-rockers 550 good for gaming:

Sometimes the sound lags, but it's rare. The latency is good, and you can hear all the sounds like footsteps, gunshots, etc very clearly. And the headphones are comfortable to wear for a long time because it covers the whole ear.


  1. Huge battery
  2. lightweight
  3. Comfortable to wear for a longer time
  4. Bluetooth 5.0


  1. The sound quality is not good.
  2. Low bass.


If you are looking for decent headphones that give you decent sound, massive battery life, and comfortability, go for the Boat rockers 550. But don't expect for a thumping bass.

This is A Detailed Review on Boat Rockers 550.