A Complete Guide on Acko Extended Warranty

A Complete Guide on Acko Extended Warranty

Acko has different insurance plans for various categories. An extended warranty is one of them. We will see a complete guide on Acko's extended warranty on buying, claiming, activating, etc.

Acko Extended Warranty covers large appliances like Washing-machines, Tvs, laptops. An extended warranty is different from a Total damage protection plan for Mobiles.

Let's see how to buy, claim, activate, and all the details about the extended warranty of Acko on laptops, washing machines, tablets, etc. Here is a guide for the large appliances except for mobiles.

What is Acko Extended warranty for home appliances?

Acko extended warranty only covers manufacturer defects. The plan starts after the product's manufacturer warranty is completed.

For instance, If you buy an Asus laptop with the one-year Acko extended warranty from amazon.

Asus offers a one-year manufacture warranty for the computer.

So after the Asus warranty expires, Acko extended warranty plan gets activated automatically. So now you have a warranty for two years for your laptop.

How To Buy Acko Extended Warranty?

  1. Firstly, Acko is available only on Amazon.
  2. Secondly, You can't purchase the plan separately after the product has been purchased.
  3. In other words, when purchasing a washing machine, tv, or laptop, you can see the one-year Acko extended warranty at the add-ons section, as shown in fig.
    how to buy acko extended warranty

  4. Select the plan and purchase the product along with the plan.
  5. That's it; The plan activates automatically within 15 days after the delivery. You don't need to do anything.
  6. You will receive the email with the plan details and activation confirmation too.

How To Activate Acko Extended Warranty?

Acko activates the plan within 15 days after the product is delivered. There is no need to do any manual activation.

How To Claim Acko Extended Warranty?

  1. Login to Acko with the registered mobile number.
  2. Click on the "CLAIM" option and Select the plan for the appliances.
  3. Click on the "NEW REPAIR" option.
  4. Acko asks few questions about the issue with your product.
  5. Remember, you have only 48 hours to intimate Acko about the issue after discovering the issue.
  6. After that, an inspection agent checks the product and updates the details to Acko.
  7. Based on your location, either they will send technicians to repair the product or give you money to repair yourself in the nearest authorized service center.
  8. Acko reimburses or replaces the product with a refurbished or new product when the repair value exceeds 80% of the product value or invoice value.
  9. The reimbursement is based on the depreciation value given below. 
    No of yearsDepreciation
    1st Year15%
    2nd Year30%

Problems With Acko Extended Warranty

  • Acko doesn't allow you to renew the plan after the plan expires, unlike oneassist.
  • You can only claim once. After that, the plan gets invalid automatically.
  • You can't buy Acko extended warranty separately. You should buy it along with the product.

Acko Extended Warranty Review:

Acko focused on paperless and automation. So Acko is a pretty simple and easy process. Moreover, the claim procedure and customer support Are also great.

Most of the users reported positively about Acko. Acko is also cheap compared to other insurance providers. So you can buy the plan.

You can also share your experiences with acko own below in comments.