A Detailed Guide On Onsitego Extended Warranty For TV

A Detailed Guide On Onsitego Extended Warranty For TV

Onsitego has an extended warranty option for T.V. Here is a detailed guide for Onsitego extended warranty for tv.

What is Onsitego extended warranty for T.V.?

Onsitego extended warranty starts after the manufacture warranty expires. You can purchase an extended warranty within six months of the T.V. purchase.

What are covered in Onsitego Extended warranty for T.V.?

An extended warranty is the same as a manufacturer's warranty. So whatever the manufacturer warranty covers, an extended warranty covers the same. The image shows the parts covered on the warranty.

What are covered in Onsitego Extended warranty for T.V.

How To Buy Onsitego Extended Warranty For T.V.:

  1. Firstly, you can purchase the plan directly on Onsitego platforms other than Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  2. However, it's better to purchase the plan directly on the Onsitego platform because you may get a discount on the plan if you talk to customer care.
  3. Secondly, go to "DEVICE AND PLANS" and select "Extended warranty for T.V."
  4. Enter the price and brand name.
  5. Now click on "get plan details," and you will see the plan amount.
  6. Purchase the plan, and that's it.

How To Activate Onsitego Extended Warranty For T.V.:

  1. You will get a certificate via email after the purchase.
  2. If you don't get the email, then click here.
  3. Enter type of the plan and email to get the instant certificate and activation link
  4. And click on submit.
  5. You will receive an email with an activation link and certificate.
  6. Click on the activation link and enter the details of the device you purchased.
  7. The plan activates automatically after submitting all the details.

How To Claim Onsitego Extended Warranty For T.V.:

  1. Intimate about the issue within 48 hours after you discover the problem.
  2. Call @ 1800220506 and share what's wrong with the T.V.
  3. After raising a request to Onsitego they will send a technician and repair the product at home itself.
  4. When the product needs to send to a service center for repair, then onsitego prepares for pick up and delivers to you after the repair is completed.

Benefits Of Onsitego Extended Warranty For T.V.?

  1. You can purchase Extended warranty within 6 months after the purchase of your T.V.
  2. There is no depreciation value like ACKO and Jeeves.
  3. You can claim unlimited times upto the purchase value.
  4. For instance, If there is a problem with T.V. and the repair cost is around 3000rs, and your T.V. purchase value is 22000rs, after the repair now you have 19000rs for your next repair, if the repair value exceeds 19000, then onsitego offers a replacement or refund of 19000rs.