A Complete Guide For Acko Mobile Insurance

A complete guide for acko mobile insurance

Acko is an insurance company for cars, bikes, Mobiles, and large appliances. If you want to buy Acko mobile insurance, this is a complete guide for Acko Mobile Insurance.

There are Two plans available for Mobiles:

  1. Screen damage protection plan
  2. All-Round Protection Plan

Difference Between Screen Damage And All-Round Or Total Protection Plan

Acko Screen damage protection plan  Acko All-Round Protection Plan 
This plan only covers Screen damages

This plan covers all the damages and

repairs including camera, speaker, screen etc. 

Things To Know Before Buying Acko Mobile Insurance:

  1. You can't buy Acko mobile insurance for mobiles purchased outside of Amazon.
  2. The plan does not apply to refurbished and second-hand mobiles.
  3. You cannot buy the plan separately. It would be best if you purchased the plan along with the mobile.
  4. In the event of Total Loss, i.e., The product is not repairable. In this case, they give the money based on the invoice value. However, the price gets depreciated or reduced for how many days the mobile is used by the customer from the delivery date.
Days Since Purchase of MobileDepreciated Value
0-90 Days15% of Invoice Value 
91-180 Days 30% of Invoice Value 
181-270 Days 40% of Invoice Value
271-365 Days 50% of Invoice Value 

Reduction value for the mobile for Acko mobile insurance

How To Buy Acko Mobile Insurance:

  1. Firstly, you can only buy Acko Mobile Insurance through Amazon along with the product.
  2. Secondly, you can't purchase it separately after the product has been bought. So you have to buy it along with the product.
  3. When you buy the product, If the product is eligible for the plan, you can see the plan below the "Buy Now" Button.
  4. steps to buy acko mobile insurance
  5. Just pay the amount for both the mobile and plan, that's all.
  6. The plan is activated automatically, and you will receive all the information on your mail and Mobile Number.

How To Claim Acko Mobile Insurance:

  1. Just log in to the Acko from here.
  2. Now head to the Claim section.
  3. Enter the details of the damage regarding your mobile.
  4. You can choose "Advanced cash" or "Pick and Drop" service.
  5. If you decide to pick and drop service, it will take ten business days to repair your mobile.
  6. If you choose the Advanced Cash option, You need to provide the video of the damaged device to Acko. They will share a link via SMS to send the video.
  7. After that, in 48 business hours, you will receive the cash in your bank account. You can repair it at any place you want.
  8. You can only claim once. After the claim is successfully completed, the plan is no longer valid.
  9. That's how you can claim the Acko mobile insurance.

Total Loss or Beyond Economic Repair:

Acko fully reimburses the amount based on the invoice value after depreciation if the mobile damages wholly or the repair cost is so expensive. The above table shows the depreciation of the mobile value.

Is Acko Mobile Insurance Really Worth It?

As per the customer's review Acko is really good and its a paperless process. The claim process is also easy compared to other insurance providers like jeeves

You can share your thoughts and experiences about Acko down in comments.

This is a post for a complete guide for Acko Mobile Insurance.